National Award for Partnership

Thomas is inspired by James Bond and with support from Viz-Able, Hft and the Mill Group he made a great video about it and entered it in the USpark Shorts a film competition for young people between 14 and 24. The brief was to “produce a film about someone or something that inspires, motivates, encourages or is a positive influence”. Watch the film below.

Thomas’s film 007, For A Day, received lots of attention and a team from Bradford accompanied Thomas to the award ceremony at Pinewood Studios in London on Sunday December 15th. Hopes were high but we knew that the competition would be stiff so no one was complacent.

Hearts sank when we realised that 007 wasn’t shortlisted but we all swallowed our disappointment and settled down to enjoy the other entrants. So, it was with great surprise when the master of ceremonies, writer and actor, David Proud, announced the overall winner – yes, 007, For A Day, by Thomas Kitcherman!!!

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in this fantastic project – a real testament to what can be achieved with a lot of ambition and a little teamwork.

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Thomas receiving his award from actor David Proud.


Thomas and Viz-Able co-ordinator, Tony O'Connell.


A very proud mum with Thomas outside the Bond stage.


Thomas outside Pinewood Studios after receiving his award.

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