Battery Man, The Video

The Story

Group member, Nick writes: “Battery  man   is  a  film   created  by  the  viz – able    photography  group.  Battery  man  is  a  super  hero  who  is   a  bin  man  by  day    who  is  trying   to  save   the  Media  museum   because  the  meanies   are  trying  to close  it  down .   they  have   no   money  And  they  are  very  grumpy   .  We  all   played  an  important   part  in   and   created   the  character  Of  battery  man    who  has  a  transporter   bin     he  likes  abba   and  that s  his  ringtone    he  where s  Boots   and  a  hat   and  a  coat   and  gloves  and  a  mask    his  enemy  is  aqua  woman  and  they  fight  But  love  is  in  air    the  meanies  want  to  turn  the  lights  out   the  people  are  unhappy    People   read  the  news   in  the  Bradford  Bugle”.

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Many people have been involved in the making of this episode. Viz-Able would like to thank:

Scott for suggesting SOS 

Irene for suggesting Money Money Money; Take a chance on me; Knowing me knowing you & Super Trooper

Libby & David from the Mill Group for their video-making workshop

Jackie for the music suggestions

Sing From The Heart Singing Group for providing the soundtrack to the love scene: Liam, Kristian, Khadijah, Samantha, Gloria, Yasmin, Jennifer, James, Julie, Tony, Margaret, Judith, Deborah, Alexander, Maralyn, Alvin, Sheila, Sylvia, Sue, Wendy & Jan

The Radio 119 Team: Nicola, Michael, Alan, Thomas & Florence

The Cottingley Film Group for their ideas and suggestions: Di, Graham, Marie, Joan, Pat, Joyce, Brenda, Rita & Joan

Also: Doug, John, Elaine, Gerry, June, Zoe, Gary & Tim for their ongoing support

The Merchandise Team: Mark, Victoria, Harrie & Robin