Battery Man

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The Viz-Able group is as self-directing as possible, so everyone has a job and is responsible for something. It’s all about sharing skills so that the group can achieve more collectively than as separate individuals. Group members set up the rooms we use, organise and order lunch, do research, create props and much more.



Lots of our equipment uses batteries and they need to kept charged – no work gets done without battery power! Dylan enthusiastically took on the job of ensuring that our batteries are fully charged and ready to go and quickly became known as ‘Battery Man’.

The group expressed an interest in making a video about a super hero of their own creation and Battery Man was born.

We released the first episode of Battery Man during the Cottingley Art Week in November 2013 and asked our viewers to suggest how the story should unfold. Viz-Able then incorporated these ideas the final release and the result is a video created by over 100 people!

We hope that you will enjoy watching the adventures Battery Man as much as we did making it.

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What the professionals say

Loved the video. Good strong story and really liked your style which is very original with what I thought was a hint of "Monty Python". Nice little northern touches and bags of humour which really works. You obviously do not have much of a budget but you have creatively made use of what facilities you have. I make documentary programmes myself so drama story lines do not come as easily to me as to you, but if something occurs I will send it on to you.
Best of luckĀ 

Roger makes films for the telly!